The right people in the right place thanks to ‘The Competence Matcher’

The right people in the right place; based on this philosophy Atlas Services Group helps candidates to find suitable jobs every day. Despite the extensive expertise and experience of the Account Managers, more information regarding the candidates and the available vacancies is sometimes required in order to achieve a good match.

Matching system
“We have spent some time looking for an easy access, user-friendly top of the range matching system for use in psychological analysis. And this is exactly what we have found in collaboration with iScreen”, Koen Roozen of Atlas Services Group tells us.

Advisory Service for Industrial Psychology
iScreen, a member of the Castor Fiber Group, is an extremely experienced Advisory Service for Industrial Psychology which has developed its own testing material. iScreen’s way of working is based on innovation, application of new psychological interpretations and expansion of internet technology.

Lianne Willems, Industrial and Organizational psychologist, is specialized in both scientific development as well as daily practice with regard to career advice and problematical cases of organizational psychology. She is enthusiastic about the use of ‘The Competence Matcher’ within the Atlas Services Group. Lianne explains: “We must take care not to underestimate candidates’ career assessment. The interests of the employer as well as the candidate must be kept in mind at all times, not only during recruitment and selection, but also in the case of a step-up in career and during outplacement processes. Creating a good ‘Match’ is beneficial to all parties involved. Based on objectively recorded criteria both candidates and company are able to make the correct decision”.

Taking into account the market sectors in which Atlas Services Group is involved, it’s great that ‘The Competence Matcher” is available in the English as well as in Dutch. For further information please contact Koen Roozen [email:].