We go beyond recruitment

We provide a wide range of Merchant Shipping personnel

We provide the complete range of top-down Nautical Crew with expertise in numerous Merchant fleet operations, including:
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Vessels
  • Harbor Tugs
  • Heavy Lift Vessels
  • Livestock and Car Carriers
  • Ocean going Tugs
  • Oil and Chemical Tankers
  • Passenger Vessels
  • Ship Delivery

Selection, Recruitment & Placement

We currently have the largest list of qualified professionals in the Merchant Shipping industry. A unique aspect of Atlas is that, in contrast to other agencies, we have physical offices all over the world. Direct local presence is essential in our services towards our clients and our contractors.  

Full Crew Management

We provide complete crews for vessels all over the world – with guaranteed quality, flexibility, low costs, and continuity. Our Total Crewing concept includes all aspects of personnel management, from the professionals, to the mobilisation, the work permits, and the planning. Thanks to our years of experience with national and international markets, we are familiar with all regulations. We are a central point of contact, ready to provide the best professionals with the best opportunities.

Logistics Support

We offer a door-to-door service to assist all our contractors with everything from travel and visa arrangements to monitoring of validity of certification. Furthermore, our 24 hour emergency support service is available to handle any travel and medical emergencies.

International Tax and Social Security

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of tax compliance. We work with our clients in ensuring that our contractors meet the required tax regulations. We are tax registered in a number of countries around the world, which enables our clients and contractors to be safe in the knowledge that any relevant legislation is complied with where applicable.

Payrolling and Salary Administration

Payroll management and administration are crucial to employee satisfaction and moral. We operate efficient payroll management systems to ensure that our personnel are suitably protected and paid correctly and on time.

Education and Training

A competent workforce means a safe workforce; this is crucial to our business and our clients’ businesses. We strive to ensure that all personnel are suitably skilled and capable for any tasks required of them. We also have a high regard for continuing professional development of our contractors. To help facilitate this, we organise training courses through our global training partnerships.   

Quality & Safety

Protecting people is a top priority at Atlas. It is core to our values that we provide safe people to work in safe environments. This is illustrated with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, and more significantly with the fact that we were one of the first personnel agencies to be compliant with MLC 2006, which was ratified in 2013.